Sultan Shindi - The founder of SultanCode

Sultan Shindi - Founder & CEO of SultanCodeSA, The new Saudi Entrepreneur.

Sultan Shindi (born July 30, 2001) is a Saudi programmer and entrepreneur, born in Madina, Saudi Arabia. He started in the field of programming from his childhood, then started learning about business and entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur. He completed his studies at Taibah High School and then accepted at Taibah University. He is the Founder & CEO of SultanCodeSA.

Personal Life

Sultan Shindi born in Madina, Saudi Arabia. He was born in a Muslim family, of Saudi nationality, his father, Mohammed Shindi Abbas Shindi, who is Station Manager at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport, at the date of writing, from the family of Al-Shindi Al-Ansari in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah relative to the Al-Shafna family in Shindawil.

He was inclined from his early childhood to technology and computers, as he developed many platforms and projects that were not disclosed in the past, as he was not social in the pre-secondary stage to such a degree and he did not highlight his full skills at that time to the public. He was making projects only and this is what made people Around him they know that he is proficient in technology without knowing his true skills. On the other hand, his knowledge was limited and local only; he was known for his technical expertise at that time only among those around him.

In his secondary stage he transformed from a mysterious child to a well-known social figure in his region, which led many parties to send job offers and offers for partnership, he refused all of these offers at that time and began to develop himself and go to the world of business and entrepreneurship where he was able to create a strong leadership and social personality Very compared to his previous personality, he is a leader and entrepreneur. He became a partner of more than one company, including "ITRIBO" and "RaihJaySA" in the year 2019. In 2020, he joined the Student Advisory Council at Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Early Life

At the age of eight (second grade primary) he got on his first laptop, started using his laptop and was the first thing he did in the technical field is creating a new account in Facebook and then he started in the field of hacking for two years and then started in the field of programming and Cyber Security Here he have met with his interest, hobby, and passion for programming to start his new world as a programmer and software developer.


Sultan was very passionate about video, media and acting, he became a content creator in YouTube in 2012 AD with his channel that included 400k viewers in about 2014 AD, he deleted the old content later and interested in the works.<\p>

He started appearing on Instagram later on the content of entrepreneurship in which he talks about his successes and topics for those interested in business, as he created a trade-mark in light blue and black (dark blue) in his personal name in the English language "Sultan Shindi" to be in the name of the unified file @sultan_shindi.


Sultan Shindi appeared in more than one newspaper on the Internet and he spoke several days before the date of writing these lines about his filming of a TV episode in "MBC 1”, which was reported about his descent during a month from that date, as he was requested to meet with more than one journalist and newspaper, and that newspaper articles Written during the meeting will be available soon from the date these lines are written.


Sultan Shindi appeared in several newspapers while honoring him by His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Medina, Saudi Arabia, from these newspapers:


Winning the contest "Taibah Innovates 2" with honors from His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia.

Winning first place at the end of the Intensive Entrepreneurship Training Program and obtaining an Entrepreneurship Certificate submitted by Babson University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Winning the first place in the volunteer projects competition presented by "Ayamen" in Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Winning seventh place in the Entrepreneurship Competition for students projects at the secondary level, at the level of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Qualify in the intermediate stage in the scientific research competition for the last stage at the level of Medina, Saudi Arabia.